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Exchange Fees Databank

Staying abreast of complex fees, changes, caps, exemptions, incentives, discounts, taxes and other surcharges on thousands of products that trade global markets is a time-consuming and laborious task. It is especially daunting as information changes almost daily. However, accurate fees information is vital to banks, FCMs, and clearing firms to be able to quote clients, create client commission schedule, and reconcile expenses.

The solution to this dilemma is the Exchange Fees Databank (EFD) — an industry utility that provides front- and back-office operations with a transparent means of aggregating, interpreting and monitoring the complex fees associated with trading on global exchanges. This utility continuously collects and validates trading fees data on global futures and options on futures markets, as well as, major equity options markets. It helps save time, avert rate erosion, establish control and maximize revenue opportunity, and to avoid regulatory fines.

Key Benefits

  • Data updated daily to mitigate losses caused by inaccurate or latent information
  • Continuous limit coverage on more than 41,000 globally-traded contracts
  • Facilitates buy- and sell-side fee schedule management and reconciliation
  • Delivered daily in machine readable file formats that can be integrated into a firm's compliance function.

The Exchange Fees Databank is the only independent and validated source in the world for trading fees data.