The Futures & Options Factbook is a comprehensive resource guide available by subscription that details trading, settlement and organizational information on more than 100 exchanges. Product coverage includes futures, spots, forwards, swaps, and options on futures. The Factbook provides detailed contract specifications on products including:
  • Exchange Listings
  • Key Contacts
  • Trading Hours
  • Contract Size
  • Trading Unit
  • Contract Months
  • Delivery Months
  • Ticker Symbol/Quotation Symbol
  • Trading Style
  • Price Quotation
  • Minimum Price Fluctuation
  • Maximum Daily Price Fluctuation
  • Position Limits Rule
  • Last Trading Day
  • First Notice Day
  • Last Notice Day
  • Delivery
  • Settlement
  • Strike Price Increments
  • Expiration Date
  • Exercise Style
  • Automatic Exercise
  • IOSCO Roster and Links
  • Exchange Holiday Calendar
  • Change Alerts
  • Regulatory Actions/Eligibility
  • U.S. and International Volume Data in Downloadable Spreadsheets

A convenient, one-stop reference guide, the Futures & Options Factbook is a sortable database and our dynamic search engine helps you instantly find the information you need. Data fields and record types can be sorted in nearly any combination - by continent, country, contract type, contract specification or according to the wording of a contract's title.

Co-branded or customized firm-wide and client access licenses are available. A global stock index contract expiration calendar also is available with these types of license agreements.
Important: By accessing the Futures & Options Factbook (the Factbook), you acknowledge the copyrights held by the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM) in the Factbook and agree to all terms and conditions listed in the license agreement. Click here to read the full text of the license agreement.

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