Anti-Money Laundering Compliance e-Learning

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance e-Learning

IFM's AML Compliance e-course is designed for employees of futures commission merchantsLearning icon and introducing brokers. The one-hour, Web-course helps employees fulfill their annual AML training requirement as mandated by NFA Rule 2-9(c) and its related Interpretive Notice 9045 for futures commission merchants and introducing brokers.

The course provides a clear understanding of the various techniques of money laundering and their threats to the financial industry. Students will learn about the regulations designed to detect, monitor, and prevent criminal actions. The interactive, audio-enhanced course is designed to help industry participants detect, prevent and respond effectively to attempts to launder money through their firms and the futures markets.

The core of the training is built upon a hypothetical case study focusing on business activities in which a financial professional must exercise informed, practical judgment to determine how best to apply federal laws and regulations, industry rules and best practices, and firm policies and procedures that address money laundering. The case scenario highlights various "red flags" that help identify areas of money laundering concerns. At the end of the case study there is a summary of key elements of an anti-money laundering program. Users are encouraged to review this information and may print the pages for future reference.

Easy Implementation

  • Easy-to-use learning format available on our global 24/7 web portal
  • Monitor training with real-time tracking and record-keeping of each employee from start through completion
  • Option to integrate through your firm's LMS
  • Consolidated reports for NFA audits
  • Thought-provoking case studies that keep learners interested and engaged
  • Reporting for compliance and audit purposes of firms or individuals as required by the CFTC's Statement of Acceptable Practices



Learners can immediately print a certificate of training completion at the end of the course and completion will be instantly recorded to firms via IFM's Tracking and Reporting System.  This real-time system allows compliance administrators the ease of monitoring their firm's staff enrollments, training progress and reports for internal and NFA audit purposes. In addition, the IFM also maintains firm and employee training records for a minimum of five (5) years as required by law.