Series 3 PassMaster

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Series 3 PassMaster


IFM's Series 3 PassMaster is a highly effective learning software that includes "flash card" questions and answers and unlimited timed tests.  It augments IFM Series 3 Exam study books or materials you may already own.

The PassMaster web software program consists of two distinct sections:

  1.  The "flash card" section that lets a user test their knowledge and comprehension by sorting questions by exam topic area and level of difficulty. After responding to a question, the user receives instant score and feedback with an explanatory answers and rationale as needed. These "flash cards" help to evaluate comprehension of the concepts and calculations, identify weak areas to effectively focus use study time.
  2. The exam simulator section — which offers an unlimited number of timed tests — mimics the testing experience and teaches how to mark questions for review, and budget test-taking time within the allotted time. Tests also may contain trick questions to teach how to choose the BEST answer from the choices given. Results are scored in areas of market knowledge and regulations like the actual exam.


PassMaster Features Include:

  • A 600+ question database, reinforced with new and more challenging questions
  • "Flash card' divided according to the 10 subject areas covered in the NFA Series 3 Exam
  • Detailed explanations accompanying each "Flash card' question
  • Exam simulations and screen layout modeled after the actual exam
  • Scoring that mirrors the actual exam


PassMaster is designed to enhance your overall learning experience and compliments the IFM's two Series 3 study manual - the Futures and Options and the Guide to U.S. Futures Regulation. Together these materials create a blended learning style of education that provides the flexibility to customize one's learning experiences.

Please note that PassMaster is not intended for use as stand-alone study method except by those with prior futures industry knowledge or by those re-establishing an inactive NFA registration.

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PassMaster is provided for one user and cannot be shared. It is valid for 6-months from date of purchase. Access is strictly nontransferable as a user's data and test history is stored.

Order Fulfillment: You will receive two emails 1) a confirmation of your transaction after you finalize your order, and 2) an email usually with an hour after you place your order with your training login credentials which are different from those used to place an order. Please note web-delivered product orders are fulfilled during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, excluding U.S. holidays.